Companion Crops: Strawberries – Growing Happily with Lettuce
No fungicides, resulting in thin skin grapes
(Check the natural mulch in the background 🙂 )

Following Natural Practices
(Mangoes harvested after 80% ripened on trees)

Buy-Sell Organic

For farmers, is to list organic or natural farm products and earn more profit. For buyers, it is a great way to reduce the cost of sourcing genuine organic products. Listing & Discovery is free.

Farmers e-Shops

MOCAYA – Truly ‘Farm to Fork’. Farmers can start selling directly to their set customers and collect payments. It is a simple online shop customized for farmers. There is NO setup fee and monthly fee!

Partner With Us

Partners network is very important to us to empower farmers in closing the gap with buyers. We constantly seek farmer-centric organizations to join us and increase each other’s value proposition.