For our Block-Chain network, value add partners are so important and we can accomplish a lot together!

We have identified following partners in farm-trading.


The seller could be a farmer, farmers’ co-operative, food processor or a consolidator like an exporter.


Buyer could be any entity.

Farm Trade Distributed Application (DAPP)

An Ethereum Distributed Application (DAPP)  that provides the following services:

  • Matching & Bidding

  • Escrow Service

  • Transactional Transparency

  • Regulatory Compliances

  • Arbitration

The Insurance and Logistics providers can either directly interact with the Smart Contract or can integrate their backend service through an API provided by the DAPP.

Insurance Service Provider

The Insurance Service Provider provides the insurance and has a trust and integration relationship with the Logistics provider. For example AXA.

Logistics Service Provider

The Logistics Service Provider is the logistics company like DHL or FedEx.

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