We Facilitate 'Farm-Food Trade' on a Block-Chain, which is Secured, Fast, Cost effective and Decentralized.


Escrow Service

When neither party wants to take financial risk, the third party, traditional 'Letter of Credit' or 'Escrow' (to place bond / money in a custody until a specified condition has been fulfilled by both transacting parties) can be very expensive. Use our Block-Chain based, frictionless payment system to transact to any party you know. We would settle the payment as per your contract, for less cost and time than the traditional Escrow services you would ever know.

Smart Contract

Due to language, law or distance barriers, most farm trading partners are forced to use middlemen to draw contract and complete deals. Some contracts are even tampered in the process. Our 'Smart Contract' service can reduce the risk and increase the accuracy of execution of set actions, as per specifications of the contract.

Agri Network

Join our 'BlockChain' network for agriculture, and gained access to value add members of the network, transact with them for a fraction of cost and get access to farm / product details such as origin tracking and farm inputs.

Start experiementing with blockchain as soon as possible or lose business
— "The Truth About Blockchain" - Harward Business Review

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